Williams Professor and Director
School of Computer Science
Co-Director, Data Science and Analytics Institute
Gallogly College of Engineering
Interim Associate Dean for Partnerships
Gallogly College of Engineering

University of Oklahoma
110 W. Boyd, DEH 158
Norman, Oklahoma 73019
405-325-3078 (Voice)


Current Ph.D Students

Supervision of PhD Students

Art Kazmierczak

Ph.D. Thesis: "Distributed Algorithms for Problems on Networks.", Fall 1993

Keunhee Han

Ph.D. Thesis: "Graph Algorithms on Special Graphs", Spring 1996

Mahnhoon Lee

Ph.D. Thesis: “Algorithms and characterizations of special graphs in the chordal hierarchy”, Fall 1996

Gopal Racherla

Ph.D. Thesis: “Algorithms for routing and rerouting in mobile wireless and ad hoc networks”, Summer 1999
Current Position: Senior Director, Technology Program Management at Qualcomm

Bang Young Choel

Ph.D. Thesis: “Quality of Service Routing in Wide Area Networks”, Summer 2000

Wahleed Al-Numay

Ph.D. Thesis: "Design and evaluation of protocols for wireless networks taking into account the interaction between transport and network layers", Fall 2003

Kim Jonghyun

Ph.D. Thesis: "Modeling, analysis and defense strategies against Internet attacks", Spring 2005

Shankar Banik

Ph.D. Thesis: "Protocols for collaborative applications on overlay networks", Spring 2006
Current Position: Professor and Head of Department of Cyber and Computer Sciences at The Citadel

Aravind Mohanoor

Ph.D. Thesis: "Data gathering techniques on wireless sensor networks", Fall 2009
Current Position: Founder at BotFlo

Tao Zheng

Ph.D. Thesis: "Energy-efficient protocol design and analysis for wireless sensor networks", Spring 2011
Current Position

Yuh-Rong Chen

Ph.D. Thesis: "On multimedia content delivery and multicasting", Spring 2012
Current Position: Research Fellow at Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

Khondkar Hasan

Ph.D. Thesis: "Prediction models for estimating the efficiency of distributed multi-core systems.” (co-Advised with John K. Antonio), Spring 2014

Amlan Chatterjee

Ph.D. Thesis: "Parallel algorithms for counting problems on graphs using graphics processing units", Spring 2014
Current Position: Associate Professor at California State University, Dominguez Hills

Chandrika Satyavolu

Ph.D. Thesis: "Framework for improving performance of protocols for reading radio frequency identification tags.", Fall 2014
Current Position: Assistant Professor at California State University, Monterey Bay

Yiming Xu

Ph.D. Thesis: "Design, Implementation, and Evaluation of an In-house Controller for Software Defined Networking with Applications", Fall 2017
Current Position: Senior Engineer at Qualcomm

Wei Guo

Ph.D. Thesis: "Design, Implementation, and Evaluation of Join and Split Strategy for Transmission Control Protocol Running on Software Defined Networks", Fall 2017
Current Position: Software Engineer at Facebook

Michael Nelson

Ph.D. Thesis: "Compressing and Performing Algorithms on Massively Large Networks", Fall 2019

Supervision of Master Students

Dipti S. Joshi

M.S Thesis: "Efficient Algorithms for Domination and Shortest Path Problems on Special Graphs", Fall 1993
Current Position: VP Product Management at Kinetica

Bernice Rhodes

M.S Thesis: “Algorithms for Spatial Data Structures", Fall 1995

Connie J. Nabors

M.S Thesis: “Comparison of On-Chip Cache Organizations", Fall 1995

Gopal Racherla

M.S Thesis: “Algorithms for Segment Trees", Fall 1995
Current Position: Senior Director, Technology Program Management at Qualcomm

Vijay Gajalla

M.S Thesis: “Algorithms for Prefetching in the World Wide Web", Spring 1996
Current Position: Group Program Manager, Azure

Nagiah Chowdhury

M.S Thesis: “Power Efficient Medium Access Protocols in the Ad hoc Network Environment", Fall 2002

Tarab Ali

M.S Thesis: “Relay Networks for Freight Transportation.", Spring 2002
Current Position: Founder and CEO at Muse Mantra

Lalitha Krishnamurthy

M.S Thesis: “Power Aware Medium Access Control Protocol", Fall 2002
Current Position: Engineering leader at Google

Aravind Mohanoor

M.S Thesis: “Shortest Path and Road Networks", Summer 2004
Current Position: Founder at BotFlo

Bharath Ramanujam

M.S Thesis: “Dynamic Tracking Updates for Wi-Fi Architectures", Summer 2004
Current Position: Lead -IT Content Mgmt at American Electric Power

Jayashree Badarinath

M.S Thesis: “Promiscuous Learning in Distributed Sensor Networks", Fall 2009
Current Position: Senior Manager at Comcast

Matthew G. Long

M.S Thesis: “Improving Zap Time and Bandwidth Utilization in IPTV Networks", Spring 2011

Daniel Bailey

M.S Thesis: “Improving Client and Channel Assignment in IPTV Multicast Networks", Spring 2012
Current Position: Senior Software Engineer at Amazon

Michael Nelson

M .S Thesis: “On Compressing Massive Streaming Graph with Quadtree”, Spring 2015

Addison Womack

M .S Thesis: "CIGARCoil: A New Algorithm for the Compression of DNA Sequencing Data", Spring 2019
Current Position: Cyber Engineer at Raytheon Technologies

Dorian Selimovic

M .S Thesis: "Compressing Massive Sequencing Data with Multiple Attribute Tree", Fall 2019
Current Position: Software Engineer at Upvest

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